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The SC del Sol Pre-Academy is a unique opportunity for athletes to prepare themselves to compete at the highest level of competition in the world. Based on the Long-Term Development Plan, players will be given the opportunity to develop the necessary technical skills and mental skills to compete in the full Girls Academy when the time comes. The program is based on our mandate to develop the most skilled, tactically intelligent and gifted athletes to play at the highest level possible.

The SC del Sol Pre-Academy curriculum is an all-encompassing program which seeks not only to develop soccer skills and game intelligence but employs an Individual Development Plan which develops all areas of a player’s education such as academics, goal setting, time management, sports psychology, video analysis of games and positional understanding. Players will learn how to travel, compete, train and prepare themselves to excel in the full academy.

Players will be challenged to play at the highest level possible with movement of players through the age groups. Players will be moved up based on ability, effort and mentality. The Pre-Academy program is a great opportunity to develop without the pressure to win every game. The focus is on acquiring all of the tools to make good decisions and to play with composure in pressure situations. Simply put, the Pre-Academy is all about the players.

Our experienced staff work with the players both on and off the field to prepare them for that next level. We have a curriculum, an Individual Development Plan and a long-term development plan for every athlete which covers every component of the game. It is a player’s best pathway to ultimately compete in our full Girls Academy program.


SC del Sol Pre-Academy Teams:

U-10 (2012)

U-11 (2011)

U-12 (2010)


Please contact us at for further information and / or registered your interest in the Girls Academy Program at SC del Sol.



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